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" I guarentee that if you can hunt this down, you'll be hooked for good."
Coven aren't a band that many people know of, which is a crying shame because this debut is one of the finest examples of thrash you get. It almost sounds like a bastard cross of Helloween and Kreator in some places, but don't let any negative thoughts cross your mind because this album packs a serious punch.The record opens up with the title track, with a brilliant and rather epic riff that picks up pace almost straight away with yet another pounding riff. The title track alone give this album its merit, the intensity of the music doesn't let up for a second....
"If you are looking for a thrashier Coven, definitely check this  out!"
Coven is one of those bands that I think is very overlooked in the thrash scene. “Blessed is the Black” is a very unique album that doesn’t get as much praise as it deserves. “Death Walks Behind You” is another one of those albums that just doesn’t get enough attention. 
Right away you notice a huge production shift compared to their debut. The guitars are clear, heavy, and not the same fuzzy sound that was in the first album. The drums stand on their own this time and the snare is extremely loud. The vocals have the same feel as the first album which is probably the best thing about Coven. The bass is pretty loud. Most of the time you can hear it in the mix. 

​Every member seemed to step it up a little from the debut...
"The production is thick as a steak!"
“Boneless Christian”. I can’t think of a more humorous title. What we have here is 8 tracks of over the top, blatant, and vehement anti-Christianity. Some of the choice song titles speak volumes as to where these guys are coming from – “Satanic As Hell”, “F**kin A Nun”, “Christsycle/Reaming The Pope”. Before some of you furl your brow, make a face, roll your eyes, or pull a prissy attitude – you gotta understand that this is all cheeky humor. It’s meant to be tongue and cheek and shocking. At the same time that the lyrics are quite ridiculous, you can’t help but laugh because they’re also quite funny in the context of the songs. For being recorded in 1993, this is a monstrous sounding record.
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Blessed Is the Black
Death Walks Behind You
Boneless Christian
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Read Full Review HERE
"With a riff style similar to a chompier Slayer, and a hostile vocal dementia, this band were out to destroy all through a no-frills, meaty thrashing and a mockery of all things Holy. Coven's "Blessed is the Black" still shines like the gleam of a succubus wing."

"Jay Clark's vocals are simply insane here, (on BLESSED IS THE BLACK) like early Hetfield/Araya if the two were being crushed in a vice with their balls about to explode against one another. Every now and then he'll break into some uncouth scream which almost places the band in cheesy power metal territory."

"Coven were not a complicated band. The formula is very simple: write
riff, and clobber. Write another riff, and clobber some more."
- posted by autothrall / From the Dust Returns - Dec. 2009
I must admit that my introduction to these Seattle Doom / Thrash Metal dorks was at church. 
Yep, I was having to sit through the "Hells Bells" anti-rock music lecture and slideshow that so many poor kids my age were also forced to pay attention to. Well, the result was an obsession for things like occult imagery, booze, images of naked girls hanging from crosses, Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" video, Bon Scott passed out facedown in his own vomit, and an odd affinity for the face of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, which is burned into my subconscious for all eternity.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Coven was a pretty ridiculous yet awesome band. Everything was tongue in cheek except for the killer shredding and decent vocals. I mean how satanic is a lyric like this?

"Pulsating steel, protruding from my thigh
She who spreads is she who dies.
Long as my arm and five times as thick,
You'll die at the end
Of my iron dick."

With songs like "McDonaldland Massacre" and "6669", I'm thinking fathers should have been more concerned with their daughters keeping their pants on backstage at Coven shows than losing their teenage souls to the Lord of Darkness. These dudes were the Pub Rock of Thrash.

Regardless, get amped on this batch of bitchin' riffs and a deadly blend of Thrash and Doom.
posted by Christopher Ballard The Nomadic Subject - June 2012